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 Local Meals Delivered Fresh


Local Ingredients

We take pride in our ingredients, sourcing from local farms and choosing natural products whenever available

Some of our favorite local vendors:

 - The Kitchen Garden Farm

- Maplebrook Farm

- Vermont Fresh Pasta

- Gringo Jacks

- Mi Tierra

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Portioned for Success

Our meals are portioned under 500 calories, and filled with fresh veggies & lean proteins, to help keep you on track with your goals.  Each of our meals comes with a complete nutrition label.


Flexible Plans

Choose from a wide variety of plans and delivery options to best fit your needs. Plans may be paused or cancelled at any time.

Choose from weekly home delivery as low as $11.5 a meal, pre-paid pick up as low as $10 a meal, or Grab and Go entrees available at 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition in Hadley.