Commonly Asked Questions

Do I return the bags & ice packs?

Yes, please return bags and ice packs by leaving them out to be picked up on your next delivery.

Can you reuse the containers?

We are unable to reuse food containers due to health code. Please recycle them. We have tried compostable containers but the quality of the food was sacrificed too much due to the absorbency of the containers. We will continue to search for environmentally friendlier options, and welcome suggestions.

How long are the meals good for?

How do I reheat my meals?

When is the menu done?

Can I skip a week on a meal plan?

When will I be charged?

Is there an order minimum?

Meals are best enjoyed by the Saturday after your delivery. Most can be frozen for a longer shelf life. We recommend thawing overnight before reheating if frozen for the best results.

Reheating works best using your microwave, time will vary by power and model. Average reheating time is 2 - 4 minutes. Most meals can be reheated in a skillet as well.

You will receive a text or e-mail with the new menu on Tuesday once you have an account. Approximately half of our menu changes each week. Orders are due by 6pm on Thursday

Yes, you can skip a week on a meal plan. We kindly ask that if you need to skip more than once a month regularly that you use the one time order option.

For all first time orders your credit card will be charged upon confirmation of your first order. One time orders will always be charged upon ordering, meal plans will be charged on the order deadline after their first order. If you are subscribed to a meal plan your weekly order will be automatically filled after the order deadline if you have not selected your meals, skipped, or cancelled.

Yes, we have a five entree minimum purchase.